Historical stories about KRSNA's Appearance or (Birth Pt1)
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Historical stories about KRSNA's Appearance or (Birth Pt1

Words from George Harrison,who personally paid for the first Krsna book,and took a personal interest in helping forward this Hare Krsna movement,around the world. "Everybody is looking for KRSNA.Some don't realize that they are,but they are.KRSNA is GOD,the source of all that exists,the Cause of all that is,was,or ever will be.As God is unlimited,HE has many names.Allah-Buddha-Jehova-Rama;All are KRSNA,all are ONE.GOD is not abstract;he has both the impersonal,and the personal aspects to his personality,which is SUPREME,ETERNAL,BLISSFUL and full of KNOWLEDGE.AS a single drop of water,has the same qualities as an ocean of water,so has our consciousness,the qualities of GOD'S consciousness...But through our identification and attachment with material energy(physical body,sense pleasures,material possessions,ego,etc.),our true TRANSCENDENTAL CONSCIOUSNESS has been polluted,and like a dirty mirror,it is unable to reflect a pure image.With many lives,our association with the TEMPORARY has grown.This impermanent body,a bag of bones and flesh,is mistaken for our true self,and we have accepted this temporary condition to be final.Through all ages,great SAINTS have remained as living proof that this non-temporary,permanent state of GOD CONSCIOUSNESS can be revived in all living Souls.Each soul is potentially divine. Krsna says in Bhagavad Gita:"Steady in the Self,being freed from all material contamination,the yogi achieves the highest perfectional stage of happiness in touch with the Supreme Consciousness".(VI,28) Yoga(a scientific method for GOD(SELF)realization)is the process by which we purify our consciousness,stop further pollution,and arrive at the state of Perfection,full KNOWLEDGE,full BLISS.If there is a God,I want to see Him.It's pointless to believe in something without proof,and Krsna Consciousness and meditation are methods where you can actually obtain GOD perception.You can actually see God,and hear Him,play with him.It might sound crazy,but He is actually there,actually with you.There are many yogic Paths-Raja,Jnana Hatha,Kriya,Karma,Bhakti-which are all acclaimed by the MASTERS of each method.SWAMI BHAKTIVEDANTA is as his title says,a BHAKTI Yogi following the path of DEVOTION.By serving GOD through each thought,word,and deed,and chanting of HIS Holy Names,the devotee quickly develops God-consciousness.By chanting
Hare Krsna,Hare Krsna Krsna Krsna,Hare Hare Hare Rama,Hare Rama Rama Rama,Hare Hare
one inevitably arrives at KRSNA Consciousness.(The proof of the pudding is in the eating!)I request that you make an appointment to meet your God now,through the self liberating process of YOGA(UNION) and GIVE PEACE A CHANCE.

All you need is Love(KRSNA) Hari Bol,George Harrison 3/31/70


Once the world was overburdened by the unnecessary defense force of different kings,who were actually demons,but were posing themselves as the royal order.At that time,the whole world became perturbed,and the predominating deity of this earth,known as Bhumi,went to see Lord Brahma to tell of her calamities due to the demoniac kings.Bhumi assumed the shape of a cow and presented herself before Lord Brahma with tears in her eyes.She was bereaved and was weeping just to invoke the Lord's compassion.She related the calamitous position of the earth,and after hearing this,Lord Brahma became much aggrieved,and he at once started for the ocean of milk,where Lord Visnu resides.Lord Brahma was accompanied by all the demigods headed by Lord Siva,and Bhumi also followed.Arriving on the shore of the milk ocean,Lord Brahma began to pacify the Lord Visnu who formerly saved the earthly planet by assuming the transcendental form of a boar.In the Vedic mantras,there is a particular type of prayer called Purusa-sukta.Generally,the demigods offer their obeisances unto Visnu,the Supreme Personality of Godhead,by chanting the Purusa-sukta.It is understood herein that the predominating deity of every planet can see the supreme lord of this universe,Brahma,whenever there is some disturbance in his planet.And Brahma can approach the Supreme Lord Visnu,not by seeing Him directly,but by standing on the shore of the ocean of milk.There is a planet within this universe called Svetadvipa,and on that planet there is an ocean of milk.It is understood from various Vedic literatures that just as there is the ocean of salt water within this planet,there are various kinds of oceans in other planets.Somewhere there is an ocean of milk,somewhere there is an ocean of oil,and somewhere there is an ocean of liquor and many other types of oceans. Purusa-sukta is the standard prayer which the demigods recite to appease the Supreme Personality of Godhead,Ksirodakasayi-Visnu.Because He is lying on the 0cean of milk,He is called Ksirodakasayi-Visnu.,He is the Supreme Personality of Godhead,through whom all the incarnations within this universe appear.After all the demigods offered the Purusa-sukta prayer to the Supreme Personality of Godhead,they apparently heard no response.Then Lord Brahma personally sat in meditation,and there was a message-transmission from Lord Visnu to Brahma.Brahma then broadcast the message to the demigods. That is the system of receiving Vedic knowledge.The Vedic knowledge is received first by Brahma from the Supreme Personality of Godhead,through the medium of the heart.As stated in the beginning of Srimad-Bhagavatam,tene brahma hrda:the transcendental knowledge of the Vedas was transmitted to Lord Brahma through the heart.Here also,in the same way,only Brahma could understand the message transmitted by Lord Visnu,and he broadcast it to the demigods for their immediate action. The message was:the Supreme Personality of Godhead Will appear on the earth very soon along with His supreme powerful potencies,and as long as He remains on the earth planet to execute His mission of annihilating the demons and establishing the devotees,the demigods should also remain there to assist Him.They should all immediately take birth in the family of the Yadu dynasty,wherein the Lord will also appear in due course of time.The Supreme Personality of Godhead Himself,Krsna,personally appeared as the son of Vasudeva.
Before He appeared,all the demigods,along with their wives,appeared in different pious families in the world just to assist the Lord in executing His mission.The exact word used here is (tatpriyartham),which means the demigods should appear on the earth in order to please the Lord.In other words,any living entity who lives only to satisfy the Lord is a demigod.The demigods were further informed that the plenary portion of Lord Krsna,Ananta,who is maintaining the universal planets by extending his millions of hoods,would also appear on earth before Lord Krsna's appearance.They were also informed that the external potency of Visnu(maya),with whom all the conditioned souls are enamoured,would also appear just to execute the purpose of the Supreme Lord.After instructing and pacifying all the demigods,as well as Bhumi,with sweet words,Lord Brahma,the father of all prajapatis,or progenitors of universal population,departed for his own abode,the highest material planet,called Brahmaloka.The leader of the Yadu dynasty,King Surasena,was ruling over the country known as Mathura(the district of Mathura)as well as the district known as Surasena.On account of the rule of King Surasena,Mathura became the capital city of all the kings of the Yadus. Mathura was also made the capital of the kings of the Yadu dynasty because the Yadus were a very pious family and knew that Mathura is the place where Lord SRI KRSNA lives eternally,just as He also lives in Dvaraka.Once upon a time,Vasudeva,the son of Surasena,just after marrying Devaki,was going home on his chariot with his newly wedded wife.The father of Devaki,known as Devaka,had contributed a sufficient dowry because he was very affectionate toward his daughter.He had contributed hundreds of chariots completely decorated with gold equipment.At that time,Kamsa,the son of Ugrasena,in order to please his sister,Devaki,had voluntarily taken the reins of the horses of Vasudeva's chariot and was driving.According to the custom of the Vedic civilization,when a girl is married,the brother takes the sister and brother-in-law to their home.Because the newly married girl may feel too much separation from her father's family,the brother goes with her until she reaches her father-in-law's house.